LGBTQIA+ Support Committee

As a “Believe Out Loud” community of faith, we believe that each of us is made in God’s image— beautiful and beloved, unique and whole. We work for the day when all are treated as equals in our families and communities. We understand that faith and sexuality can coexist. We see and celebrate the holiness of the queer community. We embrace resources that help us reach beyond acceptance and tolerance to using the LGBTQIA+ experience as a way of understanding the divine in and around all of us.

Here at Christ Episcopal Church, we publicly displayed the Pride flag throughout the month of June as a visible reminder that Christ Church holds social justice and inclusiveness among our core values. The flag serves as a reminder that we are committed to the work of celebrating, inviting, and blessing the lives and gifts of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer siblings.

In our commitment to follow the Way of Love:

    • We use more inclusive language in our liturgies.
    • We encourage and support LGBTQIA+ service, leadership, and teaching in our parish.
    • We are a designated “Beloved Arise” community in which we celebrate and empower queer youth of faith.
    • We facilitate book studies and educational opportunities to learn more about gender identities, sexuality, spiritual affirmation of our LGBTQIA+ siblings, and allyship.
    • We represent Christ Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Viriginia at Pride Festivals.
    • We dedicate two worship services each June to bless and celebrate Pride month – the first Sunday morning of the month and a community collaboration of worship in an evening service later in the month.

Like the community that Jesus called together we practice radical welcome and inclusion which means that all people, without exception, are welcome to participate in everything that this church offers. Come as you are, not as you think others wish you to be. Whoever you are, whatever your past, wherever you have come from and whatever brought you here to this site, you are welcome in this holy and sacred place for worship and prayer, for shared stillness, for sharing the gifts that we can offer one another in love and comfort and support.