The fellowship project

Parish Hall and Restrooms Renovations (January – May 2024)

Construction is complete!

Our church has undergone renovations to provide us with new and improved fellowship space on the first floor. The renovations include an updated Parish Hall and two new ADA-compliant restrooms. These new facilities will allow us to expand our ministries and provide us with a modern, multi-functional space to share with each other and our local community.

The project began January 15th and is estimated to take 3-4 months to complete.

Read on to learn more about what this project entails using the shortcuts below our photo gallery. You may also download our brochure that explains the importance of this project.

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Parish Hall before and after

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How You Can Help

Invest in the future of our church! We welcome any and all amounts of donations to help fund this extensive renovation.

To ensure the sustainability and growth of our parish, we are seeking underwriters like you to invest in our future. We have set a goal of raising $100,000 in financial gifts from our members. Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors like you in the past, we’ve successfully allocated funds for the costs of this extensive transformation and have budgeted for contingencies. However, we still need help! Your support as an underwriter will play a crucial role in mitigating the costs of this project and leave us in a stronger financial position when the work is done.

Your commitment to our shared vision is invaluable, and your support will have a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Thank you for considering joining us as an underwriter for the Fellowship Project. Together, we can make a profound difference. Donate via PayPal, or send donations to the church office. Be sure to mark either with a memo for “Fellowship Project” or “Renovations” so we allocate the funds properly.

We are grateful to each and every member, and we hope you are as excited about the potential of our new space as we are. We can’t wait to share this new fellowship space with you when the work is done!

Our Vision: Expanding Fellowship

Our hope with these improvements is to be able to expand our ministries, attract new members with updated technology and modern facilities, appeal to the community as a rentable space, and provide safe and accessible amenities for diverse members and visitors.

Renovation Details

Our goals with the Parish Hall renovations are to update the space to improve the acoustics and lighting, provide better storage, and create a more modern and versatile space for events. We are reconfiguring the restrooms to be single-use and handicap accessible, as well as refreshing the design with new materials.

We had two major design goals during the materials and finishes selection phase: to stay connected to the time period of the church (built in 1917), and to choose timeless colors and finishes.


Parish Hall Updates

  • Acoustics + aesthetic improvements – We will provide an acoustical drop ceiling between the beams with LED lights. LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring will be installed, and walls & door trim will be painted.
  • Better storage – The stage will be removed for safety reasons and a closet built against that wall to provide additional storage. The present store room for tables and chairs will be cleaned up.
  • Fixed TV + window shades – A large screen TV will be installed to use for announcements, etc. in between our current bulletin boards. We will also have motorized window shades to filter light during the day.
  • Updated chairs – We will replace our present folding chairs with stackable ones with caddies to facilitate setup and takedown.

Restrooms / Hallway Updates

  • Two new ADA restrooms in office hall – The two main restrooms on the first floor will be made larger to accommodate wheelchairs, have baby changing stations, and will remain unisex.
  • Hallway space + closets – The hall to the Parish Hall foyer will be enlarged by removing a closet to reduce congestion. A new closet will be built next to Alexander’s office door. The flooring in this entryway will also be updated to LVT (luxury vinyl tile).
  • New water fountain – A two-level water fountain with bottle-filling station will replace the previously inoperable one.
  • Vesting room relocation – To accommodate this expansion, the vesting room off the office hall will be moved upstairs.

    Parish Hall Plans

    Restroom Plans

    Project Details

    Below are lists of alternatives while our primary restrooms and Parish Hall are closed for renovations. Scroll to the bottom of this section to view photos of the construction progress via our email updates.

    Restrooms access

      • Closest – a portable, handicap-accessible restroom is set up in the Columbarium.
      • First Floor Alternative – The restroom in the hallway near the kitchen will still be available for use during the renovations. It can be accessed from the back parking lot and Washington Ave corner entrance.
      • Two restrooms are available on the 2nd floor, accessed from the Washington Ave entrance (red doors) to the nave or from the back entry doors to the kitchen.
      • Two restrooms on lower level (Hopkins Center) can also be accessed from the kitchen entrances.

    Vesting Room

      • The vesting room has relocated to the room across from the youth center on the second floor. Enter through the Washington Ave entrance (red doors) or from the back entry doors to the kitchen to get to the 2nd floor.


      • Coffee hour will be held in the back of the nave. We may not do this every week, but would like to try it out! While we’ll miss seeing each other in the Parish Hall, we will be even more excited to welcome everyone back to a new, beautiful fellowship space when our work is complete!
      • Social Club will be meeting at St. Elizabeth’s while our Parish Hall is under construction
      • While not handicap accessible, please feel free to use the Hopkins Center in the lower level for your needs and/or gatherings. Please schedule any meetings with the Parish Office in advance.